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Internet Marketing Packages Good search engine optimization will ensure that a page appears higher in the search engine results for a range of relevant, specific and valuable search terms or queries. The simple objective of SEO is to generate more valuable web site traffic. The achievement of a higher ranking against relevant search items has commercial value for a web site because it will attract more traffic than a lower ranking.

Search engines like Google and yahoo serve as important portals for finding websites. But the problem is that how would these search engines locate your site out of the millions already in the horde. The solution to this problem lies with Search engine Optimization (SEO) services. These services optimize your website for greater search engine visibility to improve rankings and increase traffic.

Shivam Web Dev serves as a hub for e-marketers worldwide, providing education, tools, resources and paid services. Our technically proficient SEO team analyzes your website and develops a customized strategy to increase traffic while strictly adhering to ethical optimization techniques that confirm to search engine standards.

Our comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Services include:
  • Website Review & Analysis: Our experts well versed in both e-commerce and information based sites perform a thorough review for your specific type of site.
  • Keyword Research & Selection: We carry out extensive keyword research to determine those specific search terms that will attract the most relevant visitors.
  • Competitor Analysis: Our experts will provide you an authentic Competitor Analysis report identifying yours as well as your competitors' strengths and weaknesses on Search Engines.
  • Content Review & Analysis: We build Traffic Rich Pages that increase the site's overall Search Engine Position taking care that each page has an appropriate relevance to its topic.
  • Link Popularity: Link building is a simple sounding process where you are required to generate as many inbound links to your website as possible. These links will be placed on other websites at relevant places and guide users on that website to your pages. The catch is that getting good quality pages to link to your website is not easy. Also the pages you link with must be relevant to your line of business.
SEO Strategy Formulation
Every website requires different approach for search engine optimization. Therefore we formulate a unique SEO strategy for every individual website. Our strategy is cent percent ethical and well blended with the latest web transformations. Over the years, our strategies have been very successful and proved effective for several hopeless cases as well.

Meta Tag Creation
Our professionals create appropriate Meta Tags for you that improve your Search Engine Placements significantly.

Website Navigation Optimization
Shivam Web Dev is committed to build for you a search engine supportive and user-friendly navigation structure.

SEO Implementation
We aim to provide you that potential website which attracts the right client segment with an appropriate SEO implementation

Search Engine and Dir Submissions
We facilitate the submission of your site to the appropriate free and paid directories selected from a researched list of directories so that you get an elevation in your rankings.

Monitoring and Adjustment
Monitoring is one of the integral parts of our SEO services which take care of your website's minutest progress and movements. In addition, we keep a tab on any fault or error occurring in your website. We also maintain a detailed track record of quantity, quality and origin of traffic.

We provide you updates for each and every progress in our reports. These reports are prepared after various phases of deep study, analysis & examination of your website. Our experts provide you with the most accurate SERP reports for your website.

Our SEO services provide full assistance to you to keep your website at the top for the longest times. During and after the project, your website is served with full optimization assistance with one way or mutual link building, directory submissions, articles submissions etc.

Our SEO Services
Search Engine Ranking never seemed so simple, isn't it? With our SEO Packages you will get an easy and effective solution to achieve the top position of any major search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other you ask for through the following...
  • Link Building (One-way, inbound, two-way) to the quality websites
  • Keyword Enrichment and Relevancy Enhancement
  • Ethical Means of optimizations (under the guidelines of search engine)
  • Making most of Social Media Optimizations
  • Fast Organic Results, far earlier than expected
  • Website Maintenance and Full Assistance for longer terms benefits
  • Low Rates along with Quality work
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