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Website Designing Services
Can Custom Designs be developed by Shivam Web Dev?
Yes, this is primarily what we do for our client. We understand your requirements by having you fill out a Questionnaire. Once filled out this gives us a good creative brief to get started on your design concept. The questions we ask answers for are to do with your preferences of color, logo design, reference websites and the site structure of your planned website. You could get in touch with us to request a Design Questionnaire from us.
What is a Web 2.0 Look and Feel?
The buzz is - a Web 2.0 look for your website! The following are some key elements of a Web 2.0 look and feel of a website design. A simple, clean and clutter free design

- Straight Fonts
- Centrally positioned on a browser
- 2-3 Columns and not more
- Clear mast-head with a Global Navigation Tab
- Highlighted text headings
- Strong Colors, usage of Gradients, Smart Icons and subtle 3D effects
How many Pages should my Website have?
The best way is to create a site structure first by grouping links under various categories. Every section that needs to be talked about and visually displayed should have a page each in addition to some standard sections like Profile, Contact, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and FAQ's. Once you have mapped your entire site structure in this manner, do a simple count on the number of pages you require.
Can I share the work and get only the development of my pages done by Shivam Web Dev?
Yes, we could do only the HTML and CSS development of the web pages based on the design inputs provided by the client. The designs usually would need to be given to us as JPG's, PSD (Photoshop) or CDR (Corel Draw) files.
Website Development Services
What is Web 2.0?
Web 2.0 is the next generation application of the Internet, which encourages the use of Creativity and Technology on an highly Interactive Platform by promoting Collaboration amongst users. The usage of some of the following is usually inferred as Web 2.0:

- CSS or Cascading Style Sheets for consistent and effective visual presentation of content.
- Syndication of data through RSS Feeds
- Creation of Blogs and Integration to Social Networking websites
- Integration to next generation API's like the ones Google Provides.
- Incorporating a Web 2.0 'Look and Feel'
What is Open Source Technology's?
Any dynamic website uses a combination of 4 major components namely, an Operating System, a Web Server, a Database and a Scripting language. A combination or a stack of these four are Linux, Apache Server, MySQL and PHP or Perl. This is one of the two most popular combinations used for Web Technologies. Microsoft's .net platform being the other combination.
What is Microsoft's .net platform?
The other popular web technology is Microsoft's stack called .net. The four components comprise of Windows (the Operating System), Internet Information Server or IIS (the Server), SQL Server (the database) and as the Scripting Language.
What Technology Platform should one choose from?
The most common and widely used combinations are LAMP, PHP and Microsoft's .net. We at Shivam Web Dev work on both these technologies the former being a relatively cheaper option. We could suggest the technology most suited to you after you share your requirement with us.
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Shivam Web Dev has deep sense of aesthetics and creative use of space with his own trademark graphic elements depicting flow and strategic movement.

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